BC Gourmet Group

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What we do

Fresh Pasta

At the Treviso and Modena plants, we produce gnocchi, tortellini, passatelli and some different types of fresh Italian pasta.


At the Savona and Lynn plants, we produce traditional Ligurian Genovese Pesto, fresh and frozen sauces, dressing and dips.

How we do it

Eat better, Feel better

We only use fresh and the best quality ingredients to meet the needs of the customer who is looking for healthy meals and is particularly attentive to premium food.

The tradition of
the Italian know how

Gnocchi, Pasta and Pesto as only Italians know how.

Respect for the planet

Respect for the environment is expressed in every moment of the production process: from sustainable choices of fresh ingredients to the packaging requirements of the supplier.

How we do it

Our people

Every single one of our people shares with us the values of authenticity and genuineness. The same passion and principles of sustainability go together with our loyalty to tradition.

Where we work

The Treviso, Savona, Modena and Lynn plants produce the best regional traditional products of the area in their fields.

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