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PDO Pesto Genovese

Why choosing our PDO Pesto Genovese

We only use ingredients from the traditional recipe, and this is our biggest non-secret behind its authentic taste. The PDO Genovese basil comes from select fields, which are cultivated for us with registered treatments.

We supervise the whole basil journey, from the first cut to the final processing, which occurs immediately after the harvest, ensuring the freshness of the raw material.

Italian tradition and know-how

Prepared according to tradition

Fine selection of natural ingredients

PDO Genoese Pesto, Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano PDO, Pecorino Romano PDO

Eco packs

Recyclable packaging with respect for nature

Quick & Easy

Easy to prepare and just like a tasty homemade dish in just a few minutes

Tradition and innovation at your disposal

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Different packaging solutions

Small (80/200g)

Medium (200/500g)

Large (500g/2kg)

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Want to make your own PDO Pesto Genovese?