Our products are the result of our passion

More plants with an Italian heart

Buona Compagnia Gourmet is the union of four food realities, excelling in their respective fields: Treviso, Savona, Modena, and Lynn.

Our high-standards certificate is a guarantee for your products

We are committed to complying with ethical standards guaranteed by BRC, IFS, and ORGANIC certifications, as a proof of our unwavering values

Our commitment to a better future

Our duty towards future generations begins with respect for nature, for the product, and our social responsibility towards local production.

The tradition of Italian know-how

Our products are the result of simple recipes, natural ingredients, and Italian craftsmanship in gastronomic preparation/fieldwork

Organic, plant based, and gluten free

A comprehensive range of sustainable food products tailored for environmentally conscious consumers and/or with specific dietary needs.